Welcome to Castles, your personal hotel and car rental agency with over 20 years of experience!

Hotel Bookings

Coming to Israel? Looking for a hotel? Castles Israel has direct access to the most stunning hotels in Israel, all for unbelievably discounted prices. Castles Israel exemplifies in their efficiency and accuracy when booking a hotel for you.  As a result of Castles’ long time connection with all major hotels, Castles has personal contact with the managers of all hotels. Castles can therefore easily apply for special room requests and other individual requests. Furthermore, Castles has the ability of getting the best prices for you, prices that would seem like a far off dream!
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Car Rentals

Castles, your car rental agency for the most leading companies in Israel. For over 20 years, Castles has been the agency for car rentals. Special requests can easily be fulfilled by booking through Castles, seeing that Castles has a direct, long time connection with the companies. Castles has many branches all over Israel, making it possible for all customers to book through Castles. Castles are the first to be acknowledged of every offer and are often the only one for whom the offer is available! It would be a shame to miss out on that!

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Amazing group prices

When travelling with a group, there are unlimited offers available! As a result of Castles’ Israel brilliant connections with hotels, Castles Israel can acquire amazing special group rates and can request special services. You will only gain by making group bookings through Castles hotel and car rental agency!

Castles Israel is experienced in organizing custom made memorable events and known for its amazing Group Prices! Over the years Castles Israel has catered to the needs of many kinds of group events with great success! It is a combination of our experience and special contacts with hotels that make the difference!

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